Literacy Skills in the Social Studies Classroom: Strategies from a Teaching American History Grant

Lacey L. Craven, Jeffrey C. Eargle, and Alexandra B. Koch
School District of Newberry County
Middle and High School Professional Development
October 10, 2011
Newberry, South Carolina

"As you enter a classroom ask yourself this question: 'If there were no students in the room, could I do what I am planning to do?' If the answer is to the question is yes, don't do it."
-- General Ruben Cubero, Dean of The Falulty, United States Air Force Academy

Using primary sources and nonfiction in the social studies classroom prompts students to truly act as historians by generating their own historical understanding and narratives, while improving literacy skills. In this session, participants will discover new strategies for including primary sources in the classroom and receive access to materials for use in the classroom. This is an extension and modification of the August session -- "Engaging Students with Primary Sources." Newcomers are welcome and past attendees will learn more!


The Social Studies Skills Continuum from the 2011 South Carolina Social Studies Standards:

The presentation PowerPoint

Participant Feedback:

Men in Black:
We selected this clip from Men in Black and used it in the presentation because it challenges us to think beyond what we know, to be open-minded. This applies to students as we teach them to be independent thinkers. But it also applies to teachers as we work to develop new strategies based on current methodology.